"I didn't know outdoor digital billboard advertising is so powerful, thanks to VukaConnect advertising team"
- Adam Sendler


Haasendal Gables Mall - Indoor Billboard

Center strategically positioned, caters for high & middle class people in its surroundings, 10000 traffic estimate per day of people exposed to our 3 metre by 2 metre (9.84 ft by 6.56 ft) Digital billboard, positioned in a food court next to popular restaurants

Randburg Bram Fisher Dr - Outdoor Billboard

Digtal Billboard located in Randburg, Bram Fischer heading towards Ferndale, Size 6 metre by 3 mtre (19.68 ft by 9.84 ft), 20000 traffic exposure per day.

Digital Billboards or social mEdia

Digital marketing has filters where the viewer can filter out or skip an advertisement, with Billboards driver or pedestrian will view the billboard like it or not. Today we do Digital billboards which allow us to publish clips and motion pictures in ultra resolution quality. Our Advertisers are able to communicate effectively, assured that content reach target audience.