Who We Are?


We add value to our client’s brands by helping them communicate effectively, to engage and connect with their customers through our network of digital billboard advertising spaces and robust strategies like directing customers to your website. 


We believe outdoor and indoor Billboard advertising is efficient and cost effective than other platforms. However we notice that this advantage is usually made use of by Big Brands, we hardly see new entrants like SMMEs and Startups making use of them. Our research showed that SMMEs and Startups find them expensive.

We are here to make indoor and outdoor Billboard advertising affordable for everyone. We want to see SMMEs and Start-ups revenue growing exponentially, we know that filters through in creation of jobs and strengthens economies.

Meet our Founder

I’m Mpho J. Mantji founder of Vukaconnect – creative ad spaces  – division (vukaconnect.com) and Vukaconnect – ask tech guru (vukaconnect.co.za) our Telecommunications division.

Being an entrepreneur myself I have learned a lot over the years running our Telecommunications division, Vuka Connect – ask tech guru. 

As entrepreneurs we often pay attention on technical expertise and quality of our services, however we overlook Marketing and advertising as key to growing our businesses and develop brand loyalty with our clients.

I’m here with experienced team of Marketers, Public Relations, creatives, designers, developers and myself with 13 years entrepreneurial experience to help you succeed. 

We will create intimacy between you and your customers by developing you a brand identity. We will give voice to your brand, enabling you to talk to people and build relationships that lead to improvement of your product / service demand.

Our service simply works for you. We want you to grow.