Look at us as network of Billboard advertising spaces, in strategic locations where potential clients won’t miss your campaign. All our Billboards are digital, content updates happen spontaneously. We allow you to tweak your campaigns at no additional cost, we want you to win.

Rent Billboard advertising Space

We have indoor and outdoor digital billboards. how it works you be allocated 60 seconds space with other campaigns of 60 seconds, we also ensure there are no competing campaigns. Our pricing is affordable. contact us for information on available billboard locations etc.

Artworks & Graphics

We have amazing Team of youngsters who handle content creation, they good with brand association, they understand what is currently fashionable in the market. We help you with developing video clips, pictures etc, however, if you wish to bring your own content and only want to use billboard space you are more than welcome.

Brand Development and Management

We build intimacy between our clients and their customer by helping them develop an identity in the Market through:
Website design
Website Development
Billboard Advertising


Our consultations are free. We add value to our client's brands by helping them communicate more effectively, to stand out engage & connect through our indoor and outdoor billboard advertising.

Why VukaConnect creative ad spaces - Division

We love entrepreneurs we want them to succeed and we believe through our billboards advertising growth is assured.